Homeland Season 4’s First Trailer Gives Me Hope For The Series

Homeland was one of my favorite shows in Seasons 1-2, but Season 3 was a real pain. It got to the point where I told myself I would stop watching the show. It was awful, the plot started become dreadfully unrealistic, and the Brody family still had a ton of unnecessary air time. The Brody Show got even worse in the last season, when it decided to take a focus on Dana, who in my opinion is one of the worst TV characters I’ve ever seen. Great actor? Absolutely. But all of her scenes felt forced, and it got me to the point where I gave up on the show completely. Then it just completely spins out of control with Dana going on a road trip with her psycho buddy in the ward. The season 4 trailer gives me some hope, though, as Dana is nowhere near to be found.

Hopefully with the death of a character who I won’t name in order to not to spoil it for those who haven’t watched, it will end the awful, dragged out relationship we’ve seen with Brody and Carrie throughout the years. Season 4 will finally show whether or not the plot can stand on its own, though, as there (hopefully) won’t be any sideshows with the Brodys, and the main focus of the show will pretty much be entirely on the plot. It is, however, encouraging, if the trailer gives us any indication of things to come.

There were some rough patches with some scenes throughout the years, it got worse in season 3, and by the end of season 3 I gave up on the show. I made a vow I’d never revisit this show once again, but the awesomeness that was seasons 1 and 2 combined with what looks like an improved season 4 (Meredith Stiehm returning as writer after taking season 3 off probably won’t hurt either), I think I’m going to give it another shot. The trailer looks kickass and looks like it might go back to the good ‘ol days. We’ll see when the show returns in September.

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